Friday, February 11, 2011

The Towers - Jackson Heights

queens, jackson heights, neo-romanesque, Andrew J thomas, the towers Neo-Romanesque, 1920's
The Towers 34 Avenue, 33-15 to 33-51 80th Street, Jackson Heights, NY
Andrew J. Thomas / 1923-25 / Neo-Romanesque

Jackson Heights is a unique neighborhood in the history and development
of New York City. Some of the city's first co-ops and large private gardens
were introduced by the Queensboro Corporation in the 1920s. It was an era
of architectural experiment and a bold attempt to create a model "garden city."

The Towers is a landmark co-op building in Jackson Heights Queens.
One of the most prestigious addresses in Jackson Heights, it was once
home to Edward A. MacDougall, Jackson Height's original planner and
the President of the Queensboro Corporation. THe towers represents the
zenith of full-block architectural imagery in Jackson Heights.
There are 8 buildings, guarded by griffins and connected by lush gardens
surging around them, enclosing a private park.

Tour of Jackson Heights Co-ops and Historic Architecture

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